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North Atlantic Microscopy Society (NAMS)
2024 Annual Meeting
March 28, 2024 at NYU Langone Health


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2024 NAMS Meeting                         March 28, 2024


8:15a                   Breakfast, Registration                       Alumni Hall B

9a                        Scientific Talks

  • Gira Bhabha     

  • Zhuhao Wu from Weill Cornell: Lightsheet

  • Veronika Miskolci from Rutgers 

10:30a -11a        Break/Vendor session

11a-11:30a         New Techniques

  • Oliver Clarke from Columbia University

  • Denise Cai from Sinai

11:40a-12:40p    Vendor lightning talks

12:40p-1:30p      Lunch

1:30p-2:30p        Vendor session, Tour of Microscopy & cryoEM Core

2:30p- 3:00p       Student talks

3:00p-3:30p        Technical Talk

  • John Bogovic from HHMI Janelia: ImageJ BigWarp (big data handling and automatic CLEM data merge)

3:30p-4:00p        Beak / vendor session

4:00p-4:30p        Postdoc/new investigator’s talks

  • Melissa Cooper  NYU  

  • Weiyi Qian NYU

  • Rebecca Jones Princeton

4:30p-5:30p       Mario Delmar from NYU

Meeting Registration

Register for the Annual NAMS Meeting at
NYU Langone Health held on March 28th, 2024
registration is required.
Registration for the Annual Meeting only costs $20 for academics, $30 for industrials, $50 for vendors, and $5 for students.  Registrations is free for academic presenters (talk).  Please see the Vendor Information  page for detailed vendor pricing information.



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